SANlight M30 - LED Grow light

SANlight M30

Maximum flexibility, even in the smallest of rooms

The SANlight M30 Led module has been designed for the home and hobby sector. It offers maximum flexibility, especially for smaller areas of cultivation. The combination of high-quality luminaires and a bespoke supply technology guarantee a high light output with a long service life and high energy efficiency. Passive cooling increases the reliability and there is no operating noise.

A universally applicable light spectrum enables the growing of young plants and seedlings as well as the successful breeding of flowering and early plants.

The M30 provides the basis of a flexible, modular system. Depending on growth stage and plant genre, the light intensity per unit of area can be adjusted by the number of individual modules. A frame system, which is available as an accessory, enables a convenient use of several modules. Thus, you are always able to create the optimal illumination solution for your individual cultivation requirements.

Technical Data Overview

• 77µmol/s PPF
• Broadband full spectrum
• 30W Power Draw
• 90° Beam Angle
• Modul-Efficiency 2,8µmol/J
• 3 Years Full Warranty
• 90% Light-Output after 80.000h of operating
• Compact Luminaire
• Flexible expandable
• Passive and soundless cooling
• Protection class IP20

Typical applications

  • Wholesome, environmentally-friendly, long-lasting and maintenance-free replacement of conventional lighting products (e.g: NDL, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving bulbs, etc).
  • Cultivation of ornamental and crop plants, including fruit production in very small rooms.
  • Energy-saving and compact additional lighting for optimal growth, flower production and yield maximization
  • Hibernation lighting
  • Assimilation lighting for weak plants (without heat stress)
  • For the rooting of cuttings und acclimatization of bonsai yamadori


90° reflector array, to direct even the last photon to the plants.


Broadband light engine with 2,9µmol/J and the latest generation of high-end LEDs.


Compact aluminium cooler provides the lowest temperatures of the LED chips.





SANlight M30 boosts…

• The quality of your crop
• The quantity of your crop
• homogeneity and Quality of your crop over the cultivation area
• your flexibility (usable as main light source or as additional light source)

SANlight M30 reduces…

• your energy costs
• temperature inside your cultivation room
• your risk
• water consumption

customer feedback

Igor S.

I use the M30 to illuminate my bonsai during the winter season. With only one module I can cover an area of approx. one square meter with sufficient additional light. The bonsai are vital and healthy the next spring – a great start into the next season.

I can strongly recommend SANlight products as high quality assimilation light for freshly potted bonsai or weak plants which need extra care without additional stress factors like heat radiation.

I also use them for newly harvested yamadori bonsai trees which need to adapt to completely new climatic situations and grow roots under low-stress conditions. Storing them in a cool place with e.g. a SANlight S2W LED module strongly increases the survival rate and speeds up adaptation time.

Dr. Wolfgang Ermert

I have used the M30 module for the cultivation of orchids for around 4 years and have achieved great results. I am more than happy with the growth and flowering of our orchids and can highly recommend the M30 module.

Spectral distribution of the M30 module is optimized for light reaction and photosynthesis in such a way that it is possible to achieve an even and strong growth of plants. The M30 module also doesn’t have the effect of burning the leaves as a result of excessive heat development as is the case with other lighting systems (mercury or sodium vapour lamp) due to its lowered blue component against sunlight. Nevertheless, a minimum distance between the leaves and the module should be maintained to prevent yellowing of the leaves (chlorophyll reduction due to excessive light intensity). In the case of other good cultivation of the plants (water, temperature, substrate, fertilization etc.), flowering success is guaranteed due to the optimally selected spectral distribution and high light output of the M30 module.