SANlight S4W

Highly efficient luminaire system for large indoor areas

The SANlight S4W series has been developed to efficiently illuminate large indoor projects. The luminaire system combines highly efficient light generation, perfect light control and passive cooling at the highest level. This not only makes use of maximum savings potential, but also increases the quality and quantity of your crop.
Especially in indoor cultivation, high light intensities are often required due to the lack of sunlight. With a photon flux density (in short PPF) of 384μmol/s, you are optimally equipped for these requirements. The use of several light sources and the resulting overlapping of the light beams minimizes shadow and maximizes the exposed surface of the leaves. The light thus reaches the lowest leaves of your plants.

Passive cooling enables silent and maintenance-free operation of the luminaire.

The broadband light spectrum, which is strongly similar to natural sunlight, can be used for each phase of planting. In addition, the high colour reproduction and the warm-white colour impression make working in the breeding and cultivation chamber very pleasant. The plants can be examined in their natural colours. Possible pest infestation can be detected in time.

Technical Specifications Overview

• 384µmol/s PPF
• Broadband full spectrum
• 140W Power Draw
• 90° Beam Angle
• Rectangular and homogeneous light distribution
• Modul-Efficiency 2,9µmol/J
• 3 Years Full Warranty
• 90% Light-Output after 80.000h of operating

Typical applications

  • Illumination of indoor fruit producing plants that are light receptive
  • Wholesome, environmentally-friendly, long-lasting and maintenance-free replacement of conventional lighting products
  • Cultivation of ornamental and crop plants incl. indoor fruit production
  • Illumination of living walls
  • Space-saving illumination for multi-layer constructions
  • Assimilation illumination for fragile plants (without heat stress)

High end light engine with the latest LED technology. Efficiency from 2.9µmol/J with broadband light spectrum


Thermally optimized aluminium cooler. Guarantees lowest temperatures of the LED chip.


90° secondary optics for ideal light control and homogeneous, rectangular illumination of the cultivation area.

for indoor usage

for top lighting

for vegetative and generative phase

for larger culivation areas

S4W boosts…

  • Quality of your crop
  • your crop
  • homogeneity and Quality of your crop over the cultivation area
  • your cultivation area (usage in multilayer systems)

S4W reduces…

  • your energy costs
  • temperature inside your cultivation room
  • your risk
  • water consumption

customer feedback

Stivi Bushplanet

Since the M30 product launch, a flourishing partnership has developed between Bushplanet and SANlight.
As both a wholesaler and retailer the Austrian location of the business is particularly appealing to us. This guarantees excellent “made in Austria” quick servicing times as well as a timely exchange of information, e.g. in the form of training on new products.
In addition, it’s important to us as a plant producer to provide our “little ones” with perfect light conditions.
Thanks to the excellent collaboration with SANlight we were able to achieve this in our PLANT CITY project.
We’d like to say a big thank you and look forward to working together for many more years!

Mathias Oasiz

We use 300 SANlight luminaires throughout our production area. Due to the perfect light distribution characteristics of the product, we were able to set up a multilayer system. This meant that we have been able to expand our production area. The performance of the SANlight products alongside the good support we have received can be seen in the final product.