Overview of the Q-series gen2

This blog gives you an overview of the most important changes in the 2nd generation of the Q-series.

  • new LED chips

    • OSRAM 2mm²

      The higher efficiency of the chips allows a higher current supply to the LEDs, which in turn brings higher performance per module. In addition, it enables us to use an even broader spectrum, which is easier to use.

  • revised optics

    • PMMA optic losses reduced from 8% to 4%

      The use of new, slightly larger chips also brought a revision of secondary optics with it. We were able to significantly reduce the losses caused by the PMMA, while maintaining the advantages (e.g. easy cleaning and protection of the LED chips).

  • changed module spacing

    The module spacing (= distance between the individual modules) has increased in every model (except Q4W) due to the higher light output.

    • L-versions available with even wider module spacing

      These stretched versions enable more homogeneous illumination in lower light intensities at lower prices. For example, for mother plant management, applications with low heights, rookie gardeners or energy savers.

  • Interface on the front of the lamp

    • Slot for dimmers –> ready-to-dimm

    • boost input -> ready-to-boost

    • Interface is not intended for daisy chaining (no current is carried through the luminaire)

  • higher quality plugs

    • Wieland connectors and connections, which all have IP65 protection class

all in all, a 2nd generation module brings about 15% more light than a 1st generation module

  • Only the luminaire modules can be upgraded

    The carrier rail and driver are not included in the upgrade. Thus an upgraded gen1 lamp can neither be dimmed nor boosted.

    Modules will be sent to certified SANlight dealers around March 2020. Customers can take their gen1 to the dealer, who changes the modules. The lamps get about 15% more light output due to the new LED chips and the revised optics, but cannot be dimmed!

    This will make up approx. 30% of the original lamp price (= RRP QX gen1)