All models of the 2nd generation of the Q-Series are ready-to-dim.

For the port on the front side of the luminere, there are 2 different dimming possibilities intended:


  • available from the 16th of December 2019
  • dimmer consisting of a plug and a switch
  • Lamp can be dimmed in 4 steps (100%, 80%, 60% and 40%)
  • the lamp takes (while dimmed on 80%) exactly 80% of it´s usual power consumption
    (e.g.: 1 Q5W (= 205W) takes (on 60%) only 123W of power)
  • current dimmsettings is shown with 3 green LEDs on the plug:
3 LEDs on:100%
2 LEDs on:80%
1 LED on:60%
no LED on:40%
  • sunrise simulation (lamp dims in 5 minutes from 0% – last dimmsetting) can be activated
  • current sunrise simulation setting is indicated with an orange LED:
Orange LED on:sunrise simulation activated. (When activating you´ll have to wait for a few seconds. After the LEDs shortly blinked, the settings are safed)
Orange LED off:sunrise simulation deactivated


available at the earliest summer 2020

Up to 500 lamps can be controlled via app and smartdevice.